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UK Ultraskate 2023 - Group Picture - Start.jpeg

The UK Ultraskate 2023 has now concluded.

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UK Ultraskate 2024

About the race.

What is the UK UltraSkate?

The UK UltraSkate 2023 is a Long Distance Longboarding & Skateboarding (LDP), and Roller skating event that will offer a limited 100 spaces (constituting of 75 solo riders, and 5 'relay' teams of four riders) for riders and teams from around the world the opportunity to ride for 24 hours and push themselves to their physical limits.


The UK UltraSkate 2023 - 1st Edition was the first ultra of its kind in the UK, with sanctioning & endorsement from both SkateGB & The IDSA (International Distance Skateboarding Association), and in turn marked a historical moment within this discipline of skateboarding in the UK.

An UltraSkate entails participants riding their boards as far as they can in 24 hours. Therefore there is no limit on what can be achieved. (Check out the 'Videos' to get a taste of what an Ultraskate is all about)

Entry is open to all, whether a first-timer or an 'ultraskate veteran'. During the 24 hours, participants can ride as long or little as they want (but of course the goal that we are all striving to achieve is to excel our own personal goals and achieve our 'maximum potential'). And of course, nothing motorised is permitted.


Solo riders, teams and their support will have access to a camping area next to the track to pitch a tent to recover during the riding period. (Solo riders are advised to bring someone to support them throughout the 24 hour period).

(Key examples of existing IDSA sanctioned UltraSkates include: The Miami Homestead and The Dutch Ultra).

Join The race.

Betteshanger Country Park

Track Location

1.25 miles

Track Length


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