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Promote your goods.

This year for the 2nd edition of the UK Ultraskate we are offering a limited number of spaces for business and individuals to have stalls throughout the event to promote their products.

So if you are a business looking to promote your products, why not get a stall? Get in touch! 

Get in touch!

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Keen to have a stall | stand at the UK Ultraskate 2024 to sell and promote your products?
Great! Simply get in contact, or complete the form below.

Key Information:

  • A 'stall space' is charged at £150, which offers vendors access to the site & facilities, event venue, camping, and 'stall space' for the duration of the event (Access to venue for set-up from the 12th July 2024 at midday. At the end of the event we must vacate site by 11am on the 14th July 2024).

  • Vendors must offer products & services relevant to the event (Longboarding, Skating, Nutrition, Drinks, Accessories, Sporting Culture apparel, Food, or other deemed suitable by the events team - Not sure? Get in touch).

  • 'Stall spaces' on offer are simply a designated space within the event site where vendors can setup a stand to sell and promote their products to participants, 'support', spectators, and members of the public on site, and in turn vendors will be required to supply their own gazebo, tables, and displays. (Moreover, please note note there is no running water or electricity available on the immediate site, therefore, additional provisions maybe required). 

  • Vendors must hold public liability insurance & provide any relevant safety documentation (such as in the case of running 'demos'). 

Stall Form - UK Ultraskate 2024

Thank you for submitting. We will be in touch shortly by email.

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