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About the event.

The UK UltraSkate is a Long Distance Longboarding & Skateboarding (LDP), and Roller skating event that will offer a limited 100 spaces (constituting of 75 solo riders, and 5 'relay' teams of four riders) for riders and teams from around the world the opportunity to ride for 24 hours and push themselves to their physical limits. 




Event skate discipline categories:

  • Solo rider - As an individual rider you set your own schedule and goal during the 24 hours. 

    • Skateboard Push (only foot pushing or pumping your skateboard)

    • Skateboard Paddle (strictly using the paddle for movement and/or pumping your skateboard)

    • Skateboard Push/Paddle (Using a paddle and your foot for movement. You must carry your paddle at all times in this discipline)

    • Roller skating (either Quad or Inline)

  • 2-4 Person Skateboard Relay Team. 

    • You may set a team of mixed disciplines and gender, it a very open format. One person rides the track at a time and passes the timing chip like a baton. You set the schedule and race strategy.

  • Discover UltraSkate - 'Stewards' Team.

    • 6 person, non-competitive team. Created for riders that just want to ride and have fun, whilst helping support the event. (Members of this team will be expected to operate as stewards throughout the event when not riding. Riding 'schedule' will operate in the same manner as the 4 Person Skateboards Relay Team.)



Trophies will be given to participants in recognition of achievements. The UK UltraSkate 2024 will be acknowledging and awarding participants for distance benchmarks:

  • (Solo-riders): 

    • 100 miles - Sponsor TBC

    • 150 miles - Sponsor: TBC

    • 200 miles - Sponsor TBC 

    • 250 miles - Sponsor TBC

    • 300 miles - Sponsor TBC

  • There are awards for the top 3 in each discipline skated (Note: Boards and Roller skates will be separately assessed):

    • Overall best distance Open - All competitors regardless of discipline, age or gender. 

    • Overall best distance Women - Women's category, competitors who identify as female. (For our transgender policy please refer to the SkateIDSA rules section 5.) 

    • Overall best distance 'Team Relay' - Team Relay category. A 2–4-person relay team, mixed gender teams are allowed. For additional rules see the section ‘Relay teams’.

    • Master's category - Competitors of 50 years or older at the day of the event (all genders).

    • SUP (Stand up paddle) and SUP+ category - Competitors using a land paddle for propulsion. For additional rules see the section ‘Stand up paddle (SUP) and SUP+’.

The Track

Track Location: Betteshanger Country Park, Deal, Kent, UK

Track Length: 1.3 miles

New-Map copy 3.JPG

Track elevations

Suggested elevation via GPS throughout the track shown in the image.
Overall track length, 1.3 miles (2.09215km) 


General overview of the venue (Betteshanger Country Park) with a key of amenities.
Betteshanger Site
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