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Important information.


Helmets are mandatory! If you don’t have a helmet, you can’t participate. If you skate without a helmet, you will be disqualified and be asked to leave the track.



Participants are highly recommended to register online as soon as registration opens. Space are likely to be filled quickly. There will be a late registration on the race day (however, please note spaces are limited, and availability of these 'last minute' spaces will be dictated by pre-event online bookings. Moreover, an additional fee of £40 will applied). Registrations will close one week before the event or when the maximum number of participants has been reached. No registration means no Ultraskate!
The entry fee has to be paid within 7 days after registration, otherwise your registration will expire. Make sure you pay in time. No payment means no participation.
The maximum number of participants is limited 100 spaces.


Covid regulations and refunds

There are currently no more Covid regulations in the United Kingdom. (However, if new rules are being implemented, we will have to follow these rules.)


Whilst highly unlikely, we hold the right to cancel the UK UltraSkate if unforeseeable circumstance deem the event cannot proceed. If deemed that the Ultraskate needs to be canceled after registrations we can only refund half of the registration fee, since costs have already been made. Registrations cannot be rolled over to next year’s edition.

If you want to cancel your registration for any other reason, we can refund the full registration fee until the end of June 2024. If you want to cancel your registration after the end of June, we can only refund half the registration fee. You are also allowed to transfer your registration to a different person; however, you have to inform the organization by email ( and provide all the necessary details for the new participant.



To participate in the solo category at the UK UltraSkate, you have to be at least 18 years old at the day of the event. Unfortunately, whilst we had hoped to open up the event to under 18's we are unable to do so this year, but will endeavour to do so for proceeding editions of UK Ultraskate. 



​(Board & Roller skate assessed separately - Categories apply where applicable):

  • Open category: All competitors regardless of discipline, age or gender.

  • Women's category: Competitors who identify as female. For our transgender policy please refer to the SkateIDSA rules section 5 (

  • Team category: A 2–4-person relay team, mixed gender teams are allowed. For additional rules see the section ‘Relay teams’.

  • Master's category: Competitors of 50 years or older at the day of the event (all genders).

  • Stand up paddle and SUP+ category: Competitors using a land paddle for propulsion. For additional rules see the section ‘Stand up paddle (SUP) and SUP+’.


Relay teams

A team must consist of a minimum of 2 riders and a maximum of 4 riders. You may set a team of mixed disciplines, genders, and ages. It is of a very open format, however, teams must consist of only boards or roller skates, not both. The format is a relay type format in which one person rides the track at any one time and passes the timing chip like a baton. You set the schedule and race strategy.

Key information:

  • The team can consist of 2-4 members.

  • There is one chip per team.

  • Only one rider at a time skating on the track

    • (A couple of support laps from other riders are allowed)


Stand up paddle (SUP) and SUP+

To be eligible for the SUP category you can only use a paddle for propulsion. Using your feet is not allowed. Pumping is allowed. For the SUP+ category pushing is allowed. To be eligible for this category you have to carry a paddle at all times during the event.


Distance skated and records

For the final results, only completed laps as registered by the timing system are counted towards your final milage. If your final lap is completed outside the time limit of 24 hours it will not be counted, or partially counted towards your final total milage.


To be included in the Ultraskate hall of fame records list a minimum distance of 200 miles (321.87km) for men, 100 miles (160.9km) for women and 200 miles (321.87km) for relay teams is required. 

Betteshanger track records for the UK UltraSkate 2023 are available on the results page. For a list of current records defined by the 24hr Miami Ultraskate, the 24hr Dutch Ultraskate, and the IDSA please visit the Awards Page.


An Ultraskate is something you do for yourself and by yourself. But it is a 24 hour Ultra, and an endurance sport, and is a test of both body and mind. In turn, we highly advise all participant to bring 1 non-participant supporter to help offer encouragement and support throughout the event.

  • Support will on occasion be permitted to skate with the participant to offer encouragement through 'support laps'. (However, please note this will only be permitted during quieter, less busy periods on the track. In the first couple of hours, it will be too busy, after that it is at your own discretion. If it really isn’t possible, the organisers / stewards will ask you/your support to leave the track.)

  • Support skaters always have to make room for participants.


Skating rules

The general rules are pretty simple. Not following these rules will lead to disqualification:

  • It is prohibited to be pulled, pushed or anything by someone else. Breaking this rule will lead to disqualification.

  • 'Drafting' is permitted behind another participant, but please keep it safe! Don’t skate too close to each other and keep it fair.

  • If you’re skating anywhere on the track, and someone faster wants to pass you, make sure you go out of their way. The track is for everybody, but try not to hinder anyone.

    • The track at Betteshanger is marked on the ground defining the 'fast lane' and will be used as a 'fast lane', alongside overtaking throughout the event.​

  • If you’re skating in a group, make sure you still have space for other skaters to pass, don’t take up more than about half the width of the track.

  • If you want to overtake a person or a group, do this preferably on the right side of the track marked 'fast lane'. If this is not possible, let them know on which side you will pass.



Firstly, it is forbidden to ride an electric skateboard. Gear must be human powered.


Participants can use multiple boards and are allowed to switch between them during the Ultraskate. The board(s) have to be in good state. Make sure it will last for 24 hours.

On the day, members of the events team will run a quick inspection of equipment. But please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that your personal equipment maintained, and in a safe and ridable condition. 


Basic areas on your board to inspect and renew prior to the event: 

  • Wheels

    • Ensure your wheels haven't got too much wear or signs breakages. Duro is important, but this down to personal preference. Rider often like to replace their wheel prior to the event.

  • Axles

    • If fixed ensure there is no deformation. If replaceable axles, ensure they are appropriately fixed. ​

  • Hangers

    • Inspect for severe wear or deformation.​

  • Bearings

    • Ultimately you want your board to roll as smoothly as possible with little resistance. Rider often like to replace their bearing prior to the event.​

  • Nuts & Fixings

    • It's simple. Check your nuts.​

  • Deck 

    • ​Inspect for severe wear, deformation, and delamination. 


Fire, smoking and drugs

It is not allowed to smoke on the track. If you have to smoke, do it at the designed smoking area.
Smoking weed/cannabis/marijuana is NOT allowed anywhere on the property during the entire event. In fact, no drugs of any kind are allowed. Violating this rule will result in a immediate disqualification of the event, and permanent ban from all future editions of the UK Ultraskate.
If you have to smoke, please put your cigarette butts in the ashtray.
It is not allowed at all times to make a campfire. 



You are allowed to put up your tent next to the track in amphitheatre. Moreover, as per highlighted on the home page, following discussions with the site, we have gotten approval to permit campervans into the amphitheatre this year. This has however been agreed with the understanding that campervans will only be permitted to enter the main event site if the weather is permitting - Rain would inevitably result in damage to the grassed amphitheatre and debris being deposited onto the track. In turn, if you intend on bringing a campervan, please note that if the weather is deemed as being too wet, campervans will be required to be parked within the main parking.

Access to the site will be made available from midday on the 12th July, alternatively for those arriving on the day of the race, the site gates will be open from 7:30am (13th July). Make sure you remove your tent yourself, preferably before 10:30am on the day of the end of the event. (We must all have vacated the Betteshanger site and have cleared equipment by no later than 11:00am). 



To be confirm. But access to electricity on the track or campsite is unlikely to be available. The changing areas, and cafe within the main facilities of Betteshanger Country Park offer access to electrical socket. 

Lights at night

The UK Ultraskate 2024 starts on the 13th of July, and in turn we should experience fairly long periods of day light this time of year with only a few of hours of dark. But during those hours of dark, it is imperative participants make sure they are visible at night. Wear something reflective and/or lights on your body. Moreover, headlights will be necessary to navigate the track. Please ensure that your light does not affect others riders. Look back only if necessary, because you can blind people when you shine your light in their eyes. If you want to check on the people behind you, use your voice instead of your light.



We are guests at the Ultraskate track. Make sure you leave it as clean as possible behind you. Don’t throw your garbage on the track, keep it with you till the start and throw it in the trash bin! As a rule of thumb, we ask that you take home your own rubbish. Last year, despite this rule applying, and desperate attempts by our team to separate rubbish generated by participants both throughout and after the event, we were still faced with an enormous amount of rubbish, which led us to paying a fine for the rubbish to be sorted and disposed of appropriately. So please dispose of your rubbish properly! Take it home with you if possible, or use the correct bins provided (recycling, bio, other).


Keep the toilets as clean as possible. If everybody does this, we do not have to clean as much at the end. We have to clean up the track together, make sure you help with at least picking up your own garbage.
The track and site needs to be cleared by no later than 11am on the 14th of July 2024. If the track owners are not content with the state of the track after the Ultraskate, we will most likely face another fine, and this could ultimately result in us not being permitted to hire the track again for future editions of the UK Ultraskate.


After the Ultraskate

We have to leave the track at 9:30am on the 14th of July to allow member of Betteshanger staff to prepare to reopen the track to the public. Make sure you remove your tent yourself, preferably before 10:30am. Note, the track maybe reopened to the public before 12am, in turn we will be advising participant to leave the amphitheatre via the pedestrianised crossings on-site. If crossing the track please make sure you look out when you cross the track as there could be cyclists using the track.


(We must all have vacated the Betteshanger site and have cleared equipment by no later than 12:00am - Midday).

The trophy ceremony is envisaged to start around 9:15-9:30am, so will be a good time to start the clean up and equipment pack away. Everybody will be tired, make sure you do your part and the cleaning will be done quickly.


Make sure you have someone to drive you home. You do not want to drive all the way back home after 24 hours of skating. This is extremely dangerous!



  • The organisers can at all times make exceptions to these rules.

  • The organisers can at all times tell someone to leave the track and withdraw them from participation.

  • The organisers will make a remark if someone is not following the rules or behaving like he/she is supposed to be. There will be no discussion regarding this.

  • Participants are fully responsible for themselves. The organisers and respective events team cannot be held responsible for any damage to yourself or your belongings.

  • The final results of the Ultraskate will be made available via this website, and submitted by the organisers to Pavedwave record list and the IDSA. You can formally object against the results if you think your final result is incorrect. However, the organisers are at all times permitted to reject your objection.

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