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We need your Help

After several years in the making, the first edition of the UK Ultraskate is finally here. But many will not know that this event has been solely funded and organised by myself, Mr Pierre-Edouard Duedal. 


I am a British / French Long Distance Boarder, who found sanctuary in the sport. Whilst having always ridden some form of board my entire life, it wasn’t until I experienced PTSD & high levels of depression following a car accident and a number of life events, that I eventually found long distance skateboarding. The sport offered me solace, and an opportunity to discover an amazing community of inspiring individuals. From this, came the aspiration and ambition of sharing this sport with others in hope it could offer others the same joy and benefits it has given to me. 


Whilst ideas were brewing wanting to organise an event that could help share this sport with others and increase the public visibility, I wasn’t sure how to do this on a larger scale. It wasn’t until 2020 when I saw Push - The film that discovered the world of Ultraskates. Finally in 2022, I attended the Dutch Ultraskate which was such a positive experience it validated this was the event format I was looking for. 


I have taken an enormous personal and financial risk getting this event off the ground, opened myself up to subjection of the masses, and committed endless hours in organisation & logistics, but I love the sport and believe so many others can find the same joy and happiness I get from riding, and wish to share this.


This is neither a large corporate funded event, nor a corporate promotional exercise, but the manifestation of a simple and pure passion.


The event sponsors have provided generously to the raffle, which will hopefully help fund a portion of the event, but many of these businesses within this sector are run by passionate entrepreneurial individuals that will offer what they can to support the community, but financial support is often difficult. 


This is where I need everybody's help!


I have invested over £3000 into this event out of my own pocket, with costs exceeding £5500, and I need to ensure I can break even to be in a position to run the event again. My hope is to make this an annual event that can grow into a festival that brings together our ever growing community.


Every donation to the event is extremely valued and appreciated. Donations to this event will go directly towards the event, and prospective future editions. Donors will be mentioned on the UK Ultraskate 2023 website to express gratitude for your contributions.


I thank you for your support, and I hope to see you at the UK Ultraskate 2023, or maybe at a future edition.




Please donate and help support the UK Ultraskate 2023. 

Your donation to the event is extremely valued, appreciated, and most of all, important! All donations go directly towards the event and prospective future editions, enable us to bring event like this to fruition, and spread the stoke! 

The entire longboarding community thanks you!

Ride on!

To donate, please use the button below, or send us your contribution directly via paypal to: 

(Please note that payments received through our website payment system incurs charges. You don't pay anything, but we have a large percentage taken in fees on our side. So if you can, please send us your donations directly through PayPal to our email address above).

Our list of donors

I personally (P.Duedal - Founder), and on behalf of the long distance skateboard & longboard community wish to thank every person on this list for having donated to the UK Ultraskate 2023, and helping further make this event a possibility for the whole community to enjoy, and potentially progress into future editions. Truly, I thank you for your support!


- Stephanie Robinson

- Gustautas Jarasunas

- Falk Schneider

- Jan-Willem Dannijs

- James Peters

- Scott Ziegler

- Silvia Duedal

- Patrick Gribben

- Skip Hendriks

- Eric de Ridder

- Flora Toh

- Eric Duedal

- Barney Bezemer

- Thomas Parker

- Friedmar Richter

(New donors will be added daily.) 

Keen to sponsor the event in another way?

We are always looking for support in anyway people can offer. If you wish to volunteer at the event, please visit the registration page. If you wish to help in another way please get in contact

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