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Want to know schedule? Look no further. Below you will find an itinerary for the event date from 12th July - 14th July 2024. 

12th July 2024



Participants are welcome to arrive on site and set up tents within the amphitheatre from midday on the 12th July 2024.

(Please note: Access to the site will be limited to the site's usual operational hours - Arrivals after 6pm will not be permitted unless otherwise agreed prior to the event. If you have any questions please contact us at:



Parking on site throughout the event is free to all participants. Please complete the form & return below with your name and car registration prior to the event  (Spectators will be expected to pay to the small charge imposed by the site)

'Pre' Event Challenges

For a fun way to kick off the Ultraskate 2024 we have concocted a small line up of challenges where participants will have an opportunity to show off their skills and win some awesome prizes in the process!

The 'Pre' Event Challenges will commence around 5-6pm.


The challenges will consist of three events:

Challenge 1:

  • What is the ‘Super Sprint’? - It's simple. Complete a lap in the fastest time possible. 

    • Rules: 

      • There is a catch, riders are only allowed to push once, and must pump the rest of the way. 

      • [Challenge exclusively for boards.]

SS1- SuperSPRINT.png

Challenge 2:

  • What is the ‘Super Stomp’ - Beat the speed gun! We will be setting up a ‘speed tunnel’ with the use of a speed gun, and riders must achieve the highest speed possible. The fastest recorded speed wins.

    • Rules: 

      • Riders only have a stretch of roughly 200m to achieve their top speed. 

      • Pushing, pumping, and SUP are all permitted.

      • [Challenge open to boards & skates.]

SS - SuperSprint.png

Challenge 3:

  • What is ‘WhatSUP?’: You think you know SUP? Let's find out. Following suit with Challenge 1: ‘Super Sprint’, the challenge is to achieve a lap in the best time possible through only pumping, and having use of a SUP pole. 

    • Rules: 

      • Oh, and again there’s a catch, you can’t push, and to keep things fair, all participants will have to use the same SUP board.


13th July 2024



Registration for participants will open at 7:30am on the 13th July to ensure ample time for registration, and for those who are unable to make it on the 12th July, to set-up and pitch tents.


  • Registration will be closed at 8:45am, unless otherwise prior agreed, and note riders will only be able to ride within the allocated 24 hour riding period.

  • At 8:45am, participants will be given a 15 minute notice prior to the commencement of the Ultra. 

  • At 9am the UltraSkate will commence. 

14th July 2024



The Ultraskate will conclude at 9am on the 14th July, and will be followed by an awards ceremony.


  • By 9:05am all participants will be off the loop, and heading to the amphitheatre in anticipation of the awards ceremony; and the conclusion of the event.

  • The awards ceremony will commence between 9:15am-9:30am, and will be followed by a prize raffle that is likely to conclude by 10:15am (timings for this may vary). 

  • The event will conclude at roughly 10:15am following the raffle, and participants will at this point be required to take down their tents, clear the area of all rubbish, and vacate the premises by no later than 12am.

The Raffle

How does the raffle work? Participants & spectators will be given the opportunity to purchase raffle ticket at the event. Each ticket is £5.

(There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased)

The draw will be taken on the 14th July 2024, following the Ultraskate, in a good old fashioned Tombola format, and prizes will constitute of a variety of goods supplied by our amazing sponsors.

(Note: The items shown above are an example of a few of the goods that where available to be won in the 2023 UK Ultraskate raffle. Prizes included an extremely exclusive custom hand painted RollsRolls Woody Deck pictured above.)

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