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who are we?

The UK Ultraskate was founded in 2023 with the aim of offering distance longboarders & skaters from around the world an event in Europe that offered the opportunity to compete on the world stage in the 24 hour endurance disciplines of Longboarding / Skateboarding, and Skating (in-line and quad). 

Our mission is to offer our participants a great sporting experience through offering a fun, friendly, safe, and professionally organised event that conforms to Skate IDSA's regulations, and that promotes LDP (Long Distance Pumping/Pushing) Longboarding, helps grow global awareness of the sport, and showcases skateboarding as part of a healthy and positive lifestyle, lasting form of transportation, and an inspiring form of competition.


Pierre Duedal 

'Hi, I am Pierre, and I am a British / French Long Distance Boarder who found sanctuary in the sport, and who's ambition is to share the joy and benefits (both mental and physical) of distance longboarding. 

After several years in the making, the first edition of the UK Ultraskate finally happened in July 2023.

The event was absolutely fantastic, and I was ecstatic to have such positive feedback from participants following the event! We achieved our mission, and hope to do so again! 

I took an enormous personal and financial risk getting this event off the ground in 2023, and have done so again for the upcoming 2nd Edition (2024), but I love the sport and believe so many people can find the same joy and happiness I get from riding, and wish to share this.


This is neither a large corporate funded event, nor a corporate promotional exercise, but the manifestation of a simple and pure passion.


Without the enormous help from donations alongside support from our sponsors last year (2023), the event would not have met the financial requirements (of breaking even), and this years Ultraskate would not be a possibility, nor could the event have been such a success without the support of volunteers. But once more, we need your help to make this years ultra a success, and to enable us to continue this event into the future. So whether you have a penny to spare, time to give, or other, please help the support the UK Ultraskate and get involved. 

I thank you for your support, and I hope to see you at the UK Ultraskate 2024! 

Ride Easy, 


 The teaM 2023


Pierre D.

Founder & Organiser


Dan G.

Assistant steward coordinator & Stewarding Team


Maddy D.

Assistant event day coordinator & Stewarding Team


Kevin M.

Assistant Sponsors Coordinator & Stewarding Team


Carrie G.

Stewarding Team


Silvia D.

Stewarding Team & Assistant Health and Safety Officer


Riley L.

Stewarding Team & DJ


Joseph S.

Huge moral supporter

Help support the event and Get involved

It took a lot out of me personally to organise the 1st Edition of the UK Ultraskate, but I couldn't have pulled it off without the support of my team of volunteers throughout the event, nor could I have financially brought this event to fruition with the enormous support of last years donations, and our sponsors. And once again we need your support! 

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If you have some time to spare get involved in the event and volunteer! We need every hand on deck.


If you have a penny to spare get involved and donate! Truly every little helps!


If you're a business owner looking to support a great sport & event, please sponsor!

Our list of donors

I personally (P.Duedal - Founder), and on behalf of the long distance skateboard & longboard community wish to thank every person on this list for having donated to the UK Ultraskate 2023, and helping further make this event a possibility for the whole community to enjoy, and potentially progress into future editions. Truly, I thank you for your support!


- Stephanie Robinson

- Gustautas Jarasunas

- Falk Schneider

- Jan-Willem Dannijs

- James Peters

- Scott Ziegler

- Silvia Duedal

- Patrick Gribben

- Skip Hendriks

- Eric de Ridder

- Flora Toh

- Eric Duedal

- Barney Bezemer

- Thomas Parker

- Friedmar Richter



Keen to support the event in another way?

We are always looking for support in anyway people can offer. If you wish to help in another way then the options mentioned above please get in contact

Get involved

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