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Awards & Records

Event awards

Prototype example awards designed & rendered by Exile mfg for the 1st Edition.



Trophies will be given to participants in recognition of achievements. The UK UltraSkate 2024 will be acknowledging and awarding participants for distance benchmarks:


  • 100 miles - Sponsor: TBC

  • 150 miles - Sponsor: TBC

  • 200 miles - Sponsor TBC 

  • 250 miles - Sponsor TBC

  • 300 miles - Sponsor TBC

There are awards for the top 3 in each discipline skated:

(Note: There must be a minimum number of 10 participants in each category for awards)

  • Overall best distance 'Team Relay' - Team Relay category. A 2–4-person relay team, mixed gender teams are allowed. For additional rules see the section ‘Relay teams’.

  • Master's category - Competitors of 50 years or older at the day of the event (all genders).

  • SUP (Stand up paddle) and SUP+ category - Competitors using a land paddle for propulsion. For additional rules see the section ‘Stand up paddle (SUP) and SUP+’.

  • Overall best distance Women - Women's category, competitors who identify as female. (For our transgender policy please refer to the SkateIDSA rules section 5.) 

  • Overall best distance Open - All competitors regardless of discipline, age or gender.


For the final results, only completed laps as registered by the timing system are counted towards your final milage. If your final lap is completed outside the time limit of 24 hours it will not be counted, or partially counted towards your final total milage.


To be included in the Ultraskate hall of fame records list a minimum distance of 200 miles (321.87km) for men, 100 miles (160.9km) for women and 200 miles (321.87km) for relay teams is required. 

We are pleased to announce 
Create Camper Co x Ambition Sport.jpg
Create Camper Co x Ambition Sport.jpg
Will be supporting the awards for this years edition 

Awards ceremony 2023

World Records

Current 'World' records as per defined by the 24hr Miami Ultraskate, the 24hr Dutch Ultraskate, and the IDSA.

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