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Big Update for the UK Ultraskate 2024!

Hi Everyone, 

Big Update so please read!

So, here we are, now less than 2 weeks away from this year's UK Ultraskate!

So firstly, if you haven’t registered yet but you want to take part, don't forget to register in the coming days as the online registration will be closing on the 5th July, and spaces are now very limited. After this date registration may still be possible but will be subject to availability, and at an additional cost (Solo places will increase to £180). 

(Register your place now at:   


Important - There are a few things we want to remind you of to help things run smoothly:




  • HELMETS - We have to insist that whenever you are skating on the track you are wearing a helmet, so don’t forget to bring it! Seriously! No Helmet, no skating! We had a few spills last year and I guess we will again this year. We really don’t want anybody leaving with a head injury! 

  • LIGHTS - Also, there will be track markers out for the night time, but there is no lighting around the track so you will need to provide your own! The track is in a rural area so it can be VERY dark. We ask racers to have a lamp to see and a red tail light on them to be seen!




  • Seems obvious, but don’t forget to check your gear before the event to make sure everything is in good sound working order! 

  • Don’t forget to bring spares & tools! - There won't be much in the way of spares available at the event, only what we bring! There’s no doubt we will do what we can to help each other out, but please bring what you might expect to need!



  • We really want to avoid the complications and unexpected costs of waste we faced last year!

  • Surfers Against Sewage are supporting the event to help us achieve this! But there are a few things you can do to help!

  • If you can take it home to recycle it, please do. This will help us make the most of the limited facilities we have

  • If you do need to throw waste away, please make sure its empty of its contents, crushed and put in the appropriate bin

  • There will be litter picks before and after the race, please get involved, especially after!




You will need money for a couple of things! 

  • RAFFLE TICKETS - We would appreciate you digging deep and supporting the raffle! Tickets will be available throughout the event at a cost of £5 each (or 10 tickets for £45). We’re still in the process of concluding the lineup of great prizes, but certainly the prize list is looking pretty great this year!




Stubby Precision Trucks MK1 Truck & Reinforcement Baseplates

Sponsored by Stubby Precision Trucks

Rat Assed T-Shirts & Vouchers

Sponsored by Rat Assed

Riptide Sports Gear & Merchandise

Sponsored by Riptide Sports

ECOlite truck

Sponsored by ECOlite Longboards

SUPSKATE (Hamboards) Gear - Poles & More

Sponsored by SUPSKATE

SSS (Super Steady Skates) Integrated Stride Truck

Sponsored by Super Steady Skates

Black Dog F-13 Forks (Pair)

Sponsored by Black Dog - (These were accidently missed in last year's raffle).

Mudbuster - Mudguards (Pair) - 2023 UK Ultraskate Custom

Sponsored by MudBuster - (These were accidently missed in last year's raffle).

MudBuster by @cloudbuster98

IDSA Gear 

Sponsored by Skate IDSA

Vouchers to Revolution Skatepark

Sponsored by Revolution Skatepark

Skate gear

Sponsored by S Duedal - (My mum believes in the community and wanted to contribute to supporting the event, so she bought some £300 worth of skate clothing from Sickboards for the raffle. Thanks Mum!)


UK Ultraskate 2023 & 2024 Merchandise

Sponsored by Sickboards

Snakeboards - 1 Pro Deck & 3 Comp Decks

Sponsored by Snakeboards

  • TIMING CHIP DEPOSIT - You will also need to pay our timekeepers a returnable deposit of £40 for the timing chip! This will be returned when you hand your chip back in. Teams will require one additional chip to use as the relay baton. So a team of 4 will need 5, 1 for each rider to track individual achievements plus the baton to pass.


  • FOOD & DRINK - This year we have a food wagon being provided by the park so there will be the chance to buy food and drink Friday night (last food orders will likely be between 8-9pm). Moreover, there will also be facilities on the Saturday during both the day & evening (with last orders at 8pm)

  • But as always we advise not uniquely relying on this but ensuring you bring sufficient supplies for the duration of the event! 

  • There will be access to drinking water from specific water outlets across the site, and once again ‘Point 8 Percent’ @point8percent ( water has come through for us and will be kindly supplying us with cartons of water! Moreover, our good friends @hornygoatdrinks ( have once again this year provided us with their famously tasty energy drinks (that many of you drank last year to keep you going during the wee hours of the morning! )

  • SWAG & More - There will be event merchandise, alongside a number of brand products available to purchase throughout the event (inc. T-shirts, Hats & Caps, Bushings, Snake Boards, and more).  



You can come to the park whenever you like but setting up camp cannot happen before 2pm on the 12th July!

This year we are glad to tell you the park is allowing Campervans into the amphitheatre camping space beside the track.


  • If the weather isn’t on our side and the space is deemed too wet for vehicles they will have to stay down in the car park which is a good 5 minute walk from the camping area.

  • Note: But assuming the weather is permitting and campers are permitted in the amphitheatre, once vehicles are on site, vehicles will not be able to be moved until the conclusion of the event. 


  • Conveniences - The park will provide access to toilets and showers throughout the event. There will also be a VERY limited facility to charge items.



A lot of what you see at the event wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors, we expect that several of them will be making an appearance at various points over the weekend so if you see them please be sure to thank them for their support so they know we appreciate their contribution!


But from the team, we would like to say a special thanks once again to our amazing sponsors for their continued support in helping us bring the UK Ultraskate 2nd Edition to fruition!



  • As per usual we will be giving awards at this year UK Ultraskate for the following:

  • 100 Miles

  • 150 Miles

  • 200 Miles

  • 250 Miles

  • 300+ Miles

  • Alongside Trophies for 1st | 2nd | 3rd Place in the following:

  • Mens Open 

  • Womens Open

  • SUPSkate (Due to numbers this category will likely have to include both SUP & SUP+)

  • Teams

  • Masters - (Mens - Dependant on numbers)

Moreover, similarly to last year, in the spirit of encouraging more women into the sport, Melonen Kacke has sponsored the event with one of their custom platforms for the women 1st Place prize! 

(Please note we will unfortunately not be offering prizes as per last year for other mens or womens categories)



Please ensure to complete the parking form a minimum of a week prior to the event. The form can be found at the top of the Itinerary page on the website: Moreover, it’s well worth going through the itinerary to have an idea of the event schedule/proceedings. 


We’re looking forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks!

Ride easy, 

P & The Team.

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