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Dakine/IDSA Hydration Pack


Message from the IDSA:

It's back! The 2023 Hydration Pack is super high quality and will keep you company for many years of long rides. We've started with Dakine's Session 8 pack and customized with some slick additions for Skate IDSA. The pack itself has vented straps and back to keep you cool, plenty of storage and organization pockets. Hydropak 2L resevior is the gold standard for water bladders. 

At The IDSA workshop, we've added a fabric patch to let everyone on the trail know you roll with a posse. Then we swapped in some colorful zipper pulls for an added pop. Finally, we slapped on some white and red bike lights to use when you're in a pinch and a S carabiner for all things hangy.

You can also receive this pack as part of your gift package for becoming a "super supporter" of the IDSA (Internation Distance Skateboarding Association).


(For more information, please visit The IDSA.)

Official 2023 Dakine/IDSA Hydration Pack

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