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LDP gear for beginners - An introduction




Now firstly, if you are new to LDP, you may be asking yourself ‘do I need a specialised board to get into LDP’, the short answer is possibly no. LDP is probably one of the ‘easiest’ forms of skating to get into as technically all you really need is a longboard, and a willingness to push yourself the distance. But of course, with that said, specifically adapted LDP setups will typically offer a number of added benefits from ‘easier’ ride experience overall, to better acceleration and maintenance of speed. In turn, I would suggest that if you are looking to have a decent riding experience, make the most of the sport, and planning on taking it up seriously, it's certainly worth the investment and taking your time to decide what setup is right for you. 

So what should you buy? This is a tricky question to answer, as this will be dependent on what your ‘long term’ goals or aspirations are, your riding ability and technique, whether you push or pump predominantly, and of course your budget. But simply put, if you're not sure, it's probably best to stick to a complete on offer from one of the reputable LDP brands. (Do not buy a cheap generic drop through, you’ll regret wasting your money) GBomb, Blackdog Skateboard shop, and Pantheon offer some fantastic completes: (Please note this list is in no particular order)


Push|Pump X28 Longboard complete with Fork Front (and wheels)

$469.95 (ex. Shipping outside of the USA)

- Deck: Xylem 28 maple ply Longboard deck

- Truck (front): Bennett Vector 5.0 front truck with riptide 80A bushings

-  Truck (rear): Randal 125/35 DH rear truck

- Brackets: GBomb SDF front fork and DDR rear bracket

- Wheels: Orangatang wheels - 80mm Kegel. (Durometer: 80a, medium or 77a, soft)

- Bearings: G|Bearings

GBomb Complete

Notes: Gbomb is a well established company within the LDP community, and this board offers a nice introduction into bracket setups at a reasonable price point. The excellent components and overall adjustability of this setup offers great scope for growth for the rider. The adjustability really allows the rider to tinker, tweak, and discover their setup and ride preferences as they progress along their longboard journey. Subsequently, in my opinion this offers greater value for money. - Push & Pump Setup

Loaded & GBomb

Loaded Fathom Cruising Complete Longboard - Dad Bod Orange

£397.95 (ex. Shipping. Price from skatehut in the UK) 

- Deck: Loaded Maple Fathom deck 

- Trucks (front & rear): Paris V2 150mm 50° Raw

- Brackets: (GBomb) Loaded Zee Bracket - (New in 2024)

- Wheels: Orangatang 105mm Dad Bod (Durometer: 80a, Orange)

- Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2

Loaded x GBomb Complete

Notes: This is a Loaded x Gbomb collaboration. In essence, Gbomb redesigned their adjustable composite brackets to be fixed, giving us the Zee Brackets. The setup overall seems pretty decent with some nice features like the new Dad Bods, but it lends itself to being a push only setup. With the little ‘out-of-the-box’ adjustability, it doesn’t offer users the same opportunities the previous complete offers. So whilst a fairly nice ‘plug-and-play’ option where you can take the board out of the box and ride it, I don’t think this would be my first choice. - (Reviews out the gate have been mixed.) - Push Setup

Blackdog Skateboards

Black Dog "Rave 55" complete, high flex, black/white


(ex. Shipping)

- Deck: Black Dog "RAVE 55", high flex, Length 72 cm, Width 26,5 cm, Concave 1 cm

- Fork (front): Black Dog "F-13", black anodized, 3mm pad

- Truck (front): Bennett "Vector", 150mm, black, Sunrise bushings 80a

- Truck (rear): Black Dog Zero Degree Truck "ZDT", black anodized, 3mm pad

- Wheels: Orangatang "Kegel", 80mm, 80a, orange

- Griptape: Black Diamond

- Bearings: Bullseye ABEC 9

Blackdog Complete

Notes: Blackdog Skateboards, started in 2019, have over the years established a reputation of offering decent quality products at a reasonable price point, making many of their products ideal for new entrants into the sport, and the Rave 55 for example is no different. It offers many of the modern staples of LDP setups, from the front fork & ‘classic’ Bennett vectors, to their recently released (2023) zero degree rear bracket truck, topped off with some decent 80mm Kegels. Overall this is a great entry level complete. - Push & Pump Setup


- Pranayama 

- Supersonic 

 - $325-369 (depending on board and specification of components) 

Both the Pranayama and Subsonic decks are firm favourites amongst many new and longtime riders, and in turn as completes offer a great option.

Both boards are set up with different components. 

‘Out-of-the-box’ the Pranayama complete lends itself to being a pure pusher, whilst the Supersonic arguably offers a hybrid push/pump setup.


Where to buy your LDP gear?


It is simple. For those in Europe, there is only really one place. Sickboards. Based in the Netherlands, Sickboards stock many of the established LDP brands under one roof, offer excellent customer service, and all at a fair price point.

Moreover, we are extremely pleased to announce Sick Boards will officially once again be sponsoring this years UK Ultraskate 2024!

Sick Boards Logo


UK Ultraskate Logo

The UK Ultraskate 2023 was an extremely successful event that marked an important moment within the longboarding community and history, but we couldn’t have done it without the support of our sponsors. Sponsors play an extremely important role in supporting the success and fruition of events, and Sick Boards have been an extremely important title sponsor throughout are journey the past 2 years, and we would like to thank them for their continued support of the event! 


If based in:

  • The UK, Newton's Shred, and SP (Slide Perfect), offer a good range of options.

  • Singapore, ThaneLife Longboard Skateshop, is the place to go. Kev and team our awesome, and they hold an up-to-date stock of SSS products.

  • Australia, Kats Rack. Whilst I haven't had any personal experiences with Kats Rack (no puns intended), I understand many have had positive experiences, and they hold a large stock of different LDP products.


But of course, depending on your location, product availability will vary, and buying directly from the company my be your better option. But remember to check your local import duties and charges, as often this can be a pretty unpleasant additional cost and surprise!


If you’re looking to get into SUP Skate - (Stand Up Paddle Skate), or looking for a surf emulator, Hamboards - SUPSkate offer the Endurance 45 for $269.99 (ex. shipping) that is quite a bit of fun, and has been praised by some aficionados with the likes of Andrew Andras. Hamboards have been making waves for some time in this domain, and continue to do so. So if SUP Skate is your ‘game’, keep watch for what they have to come. 





Finally, it's highly advisable if you can, to have a go on a few boards to get an idea of your riding likes and dislikes. And have a look on specialise social media groups for buying and selling longboarding equipment as you can occasionally get some fantastic offers on great equipment. 

FB Groups include: 

That concludes this weeks topic, 'A beginner introduction of LDP gear'. Thanks for tuning into this week's UK Ultraskate Food for thought Thursdays! Catch you next week.

(And always, if anybody has some suggestions, or if you feel I have missed something, please feel free to post in the comment on our FB group).

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