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Surfers Against Sewage

This weeks Food for Thursdays is going to be a bit different. As some may have already seen in my recent event update on our FB page, I made mention of 'RUBBISH', and wanted to take a moment this week to discuss this topic a bit further.

Ecology & Skateboarding

For most ultraskates, as a rule of thumb, participants are expected to keep the venue clean, and ideally that you take home your own rubbish. During last years UK Ultraskate, despite this rule applying, and desperate attempts by our team to separate rubbish generated by participants both throughout and after the event, we were still faced with an enormous amount of rubbish, which led us to paying a fine for the rubbish to be sorted and disposed of appropriately. So please dispose of your rubbish properly! Take it home with you if possible, or use the correct bins provided (recycling, bio, other).

Now on to more exciting news, we are proud to announce, in support of making our Oceans & Planet cleaner, we have have teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage to help us with the event.

With this, in hope of helping raise some money, SUPSkate (Hamboards) have kindly donated some of their new gear to be won at this years Taster Session (18th May 2024). To be in for a chance, simply come along for the day, and enter. We will be asking for a donation to enter, and all proceeds will be given to Surfers Against Sewage.

Taster Session 24 - Poster image


Who are Surfers Against Sewage?


Surfers Against Sewage - Group Photo

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is a UK-based charity focused on protecting oceans, beaches, and marine life from pollution. They campaign against plastic pollution, sewage spills, and other environmental threats to coastal areas. SAS also promotes clean water initiatives, beach clean-ups, and educates communities about the importance of preserving marine ecosystems.

Meet Martin Francis...

Surfers Against Sewage - Meet Martin Francis

We have been working with Martin to come up with a 'plan' for managing the rubbish at this years event, whilst finding a way to support an amazing cause.

Heres a few words from Martin:

"As a Surfers Against Sewage regional representative and Sea Lion Paddleboards Ambassador, I am dedicated to safeguarding our oceans. My efforts extend beyond the waves, where I actively try to engage communities, organise beach clean-ups, and advocate for policies to combat pollution. With each paddle, I aim to amplify the voice of the sea, championing its protection and inspiring others to join the cause. As a surfer and ocean activist I not only strive to shape the present but also lay the foundation for a cleaner, healthier marine environment for generations to come.

At the 2024 UltraSkate event, Surfers Against Sewage will stand as a beacon of environmental stewardship, and I will be promoting the vital work of SAS amidst the exhilarating atmosphere of extreme sports. Armed with passion and commitment, I will not only showcase the organisations mission but also hopefully actively engage participants and spectators alike in the fight against pollution.

Amidst the adrenaline-fueled action, I will lead by example, organising and participating in various litter picks as part of the Million Mile Clean initiative. With each discarded piece of waste collected, I hope to emphasise the tangible impact of individual actions on preserving our planets health."

Surfers Against Sewage - Group Photo 2

I would like to thank SAS & Martin for their support!

And let's all play our part!...

Ride easy.

Surfers Against Sewage - Martin F.

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